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Thank you for your kind words!

There is a backstory, but it didn't make it to the game because of the lack of time. The company is actually getting a lot of funding for the submarine train, because it is efficient, fast and reliable way of transportation. The same technology can be also used for military purposes, and that is the real reason why the company wants to develop the technology, though the public doesn't know that. The player character knows of their plans, and he also knows that the company is the biggest military drone manufacturer. If the development continues, the company could gain control both in air and underwater. He plans to destroy the train making it look like an accident, hoping it will freak out the public and cut the funding back dramatically.

Like Hindenburg was a propaganda symbol for the Nazi-Germany, the train also has propaganda value to the company. If there was enough time to do it, the ending would have revealed that the accident dented the public image of the company, because it has put much effort in convincing everyone about the train's safety. The funders also got scared, and the future of the submarine trains became uncertain, just like the Hindenburg disaster ended the airship era.

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Thanks for the review and the kind words! In my book decent is still a praise for a game made in such a short time.

I also agree with you that the ending could have been much better.

Thank you for your feedback! Did you give it another go? My friend just came across a bug that made it impossible to complete the game. He run out of inventory space before he could get an important item and he had to restart.

Thank you! Indeed, Blade Runner was one of my inspirations for the visual style! Especially the bar is heavily inspired by the noodle bar shown early in the movie.

And thanks for the feedback.  Sound effects could have really improved the game and helped the flawed ending.

You gave me very valuable and interesting ideas, so thanks for the effort! :D And likewise, I'm looking forward to seeing what you will create! I saw your game and other work and really liked especially the creatures you have designed.

Thank you, I could definitely start expanding it some day! What parts of the game did you like the most? Also, do you have any suggestions on how to improve/expand it?

What version of GameMaker are you using? The source code should be there, but it's only for GameMaker Studio 2.

There is no download link.

There appears to be a folder missing from the downloads:

"Error, Data folder not found


There should be 'Plataforma.exe 2_Data'

folder next to the executable"

Oh, it was never meant to be played outside the jam it was created for. I deleted the link because so many people took an interest in it and I felt that it wasn't going to meet their expectations (many downloads, 0 feedback). I made the link available again if you want to try it, but it is really just a confusing prototype of a concept, not a real game.