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Marian Pekár

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Hello, I'm Marian, 28 years old, experienced and currently full-time working as a designer/web-developer, new to game dev.  

Just a few weeks ago I've released my first game Laser Asteroids.

If your interested what I'm working on now, please visit me at twitter:  @marian_pekar

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Hello everyone, 

a very talented musician Nik, who's been making music for Laser Asteroids game recently released all three tracks at SoundCloud.

Do you like it? I do.

Hello everyone, I've just released Laser Asteroids version for Linux, if you're a linux gamer you can donate or grab it for free right now at

Hope you'll enjoy my game and feel free to send any feedback. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

I still love these kinds of game I used to play at Atari 800XL when I was kid :). Cool game!

Happy Easter, everyone! There is a new version of Laser Asteroids game a recreation of a classic 2D space shooter from 1979.
And at Google Play and here on as well is now Free-to-play.

Get Laser Asteroids (PC,  Android) at
Or Android version at

What's new in Android version (laserasteroids11.apk) ?

- Minimum API level Android 4.1 'Jelly Bean' (API level 16)
- Switched from Paid to Free to play
- When die you can get an extra life by watching an ad (+50 health and shield if you won't skip ad)
- One skippable ad per game session (at the end).

If you want to see more of my work, visit me at twitter @marian_pekar

Just published Laser Asteroids – classic space shooter game in colorful style and with some new features. 

You can download PC version (0$ or donation) at

I hope you'll like it.  Feel free to write any comment. I welcome any criticism and every question I try to answer ASAP.

Android version is available on Google Play for 1.99$ but hey, here's the deal:  donate at least 1$ here on and get Android version for FREE.