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Ok, I played many games from this site without any feedback because it annoys me, but for this game I had to.

I'll just say a simple thing to start: it's amazing.

More explicitly, I want to know so bad what happens. Actually, my brain is already processing what could happen behind each door and if she will escape or not.

I was also much pleased in the fearful rapresentations of the protagonist near the end of the game. Actually in her long trek through the dark hallway I was thinking that she could hold her pokerface and face whatever was speaking to her, but seeing her crumble from it... it's just realistic and interesting.

Also, the fact that I couldn't save whenever I wanted and reload is the best because I spent entire minutes pondering my decisions. I think I'll replay two or three times to see what changes if I change my choices...

Finally, thank you for no jumpscares. I hate jumpscares, I prefer much more the atmospere of darkness and fear of the unknown in an horror-themed game.

Please, continue! If you continue on this path, the full project is gonna be great.