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Very nice puzzle game, love how simple yet hard it is. 

Nice little game, could use some randomness, but I liked it. Good job

Thank you all for playing.

I have made some tweaks to the game based on the feedback

Fun game, overall I liked it. But would be nice to get an generator for the workers and be able to click thru buildings. For me the unnamed key building didn't seem to work. 

Having space as shoot and to close upgrade screen is not a good idea, I often closed the upgrade screen before I even saw it. Could use some sounds when shooting and killing enemies.

Like it, controls feel a bit off and the character should have an indicator of what the front is, I often walked the wrong way, but overall a good game

Thanks for the feed back and for playing. I  tried to make it so the player always had a change to win, but you are correct allowing movement would have been smart hehe.

The opponents stats determines how fast and how accurate they are, was mostly added to give the player some what of a choose,  I was planning on finding a way better way then just one life, but ran out of time hehe. Glad you had fun :)

Very cool concept, would love some more levels :)

Really like the concept, controls feels a little strange and the guards sometimes got stuck together, but overall I enjoyed the game, hoping for more levels :)

Jetpacks was originally added to the opponents to give the a reason for having random heights, but you are not wrong hehe. Glad you had fun :)

Like the game, nice cam shake, music is nice, but the sound effect is to loud. I ran into a bug where the enemies would only move to the left off screen and not shoot. So am was in no danger, ended the game at 30 000 score hehe :)

I agree that the score should be more based on kills.

Glad you enjoyed it:) Yea it doesn't fit very well, tried to save it with mostly using the space key and jetpacks hehe. My first idea was a lot better for the theme, but turned out to be to hard to finish. I'll check you game out when I get off work.

Thanks for playing. That is a good idea, if I work more in it I'll test that out

Looking forward to this game :D

Very cool game, really enjoyed it. Also like the behind the scenes video. You planning on working more on this game?

Liked the new map, hoping for more :)

Really like this game, the driving felt a little floaty at higher speed and it got stuck on the ramps a few times, but overall a very good game, like the art style. Haven't reached 100k yet, but I will :)

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing :)

Very nice, really like the look of the ship and environment, the track is a lot better. I like the introduction of the obstacle, but feel they fit into the environment.  Agree with NeatGames, would love to see this game evolve.

Thanks for playing, yea little screen shakes does wonders hehe.

Thanks for the suggestions, I will implement those when I get the time. Am glad you liked it.

Very nice game, really like the art, especially the jelly fish hehe. Controls felt good, the enemies could use some feedback when you hit(like tinting red) and some cam shaken when you get hit and shoot would be nice. Am  impressed how much you got done over only 7 days. Looking forward for new updates :)

Fun little clicker game, really like the code in the background hehe. Would be nice if the game saved, but really like the concept. You plan on adding more?, like prestige etc?

Surprising fun game, loved how the music just stopped when breaking a window hehe.  Would love to see more levels and objects, maybe also a guards or something you have to dodge. God job on it. 

Fun little game, like the art style.  Would be nice with some sound effect. The boss seemed very hard until I just rush typed him down, then he became very easy.

 You planning on working more on this?

Nice work, like the concept, looking forward to try it again when you add more content.

Really enjoyed this game, glad I found it. Would love to try it on mobile ;)

I enjoyed this game, some UI bugs but nothing big.

I really like the graphics, but you might want to add a plant that make biomass, felt bad when I had to destroy my entire garden for the biomass.

Would like to see more levels.

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Very nice, really like the Tom voice overs hehe.