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Thanks for this, my 7 year old daughter loves sandbox games like this on the Vive!

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This is awesome, I haven't played the update yet but I'll for sure be making a new YouTube video showing off the updated features! They are praising your demo over in the HTC Vive thread on NeoGAF as well by the way ;) Hey, how can we donate money to you?

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Here's my simple and quick video I made. I originally had an intro where I briefly talked about the game in detail but I accidentally deleted it off my camera and then I had to record the gameplay footage 3 times due to technical errors which sucks because my first recording might have been my best >_< Anyway, more exposure is always good even from an amateur YouTuber like myself!

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You're right about the solution and oddly enough my daughter figured out that she should just close her eyes during a respawn and somehow I did NOT think of that, hahaha. Thanks for keeping in touch with the community and interacting with us, that's always a great trait for a dev to have! I just wanted to add one more thing: whatever it is about the artstyle of the game, I swear it seems to be the most clear and crisp game I've experienced in VR so far. I can't make out any sort of screendoor effect even if I tried, everything is just very vibrant and I get immersed so easily because of that. Take your time with development and make sure to always have fun with it and enjoy what you're doing, we don't want you getting burned out and stuff : ) I'll be making a YouTube video of me playing this so that I can hopefully help Compound get some more exposure (me and my piddly little 40 subscribers lol). Keep up the great work!

This is freaking AMAZING. The aesthetic is incredible and very pleasing to experience in VR. The biggest thing that keeps me from playing for longer periods of time is the fact that when you respawn, you get dropped from above. Even though you only get dropped from about a foot off the ground, it still makes me dizzy. I had other people play this as well and they all complained about being dropped during a respawn and how it made them feel sick. Please, please, pretty please consider respawning the player WITHOUT the little drop it currently has. I can't wait to see updates to this like new weapons, shields, etc! Amazing job!