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The real issue with the xkcd password is the fact that because of the comic's popularity, it is now common knowledge, making it about as secure as "password".

As for the method used to create the password, your claim that it's vulnerable to "a clever dictionary attack" is misleading. To crack the password in a few days, like you suggested, the attacker would have to:

  • know the method used to generate the password
  • know the exact list of words used to generate the password
  • have access to the hashed password (instead of, for example, attacking a server)

Finally, the point of this method is to create a password that is hard to crack, but very easy to remember, and it achieves that.

Cool concept.

If you make a small enough ship (such as 4 engines, 2 disruptors and a shield), the game spawns enemies that are nothing but command modules with warp cells attached. It's not possible to leave this state, because no new parts spawn, and as far as I can tell attaching warp cells to your ship does not increase the difficulty.

Even without this trick, the game quickly becomes incredibly easy, because the enemies stop getting upgrades, and the repair bits carried over from previous sectors create a huge field of instant regeneration.

"Upward momentum" actually affects speed in all directions a lot. When I realized this - after spending a long time investing in "speed" - I bought 3 or 4 upward momentum upgrades, went to light speed and immediately completed the game.