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Ahh it's been so inspirational seeing how hard you've worked on this update Niko, I'm excited to play it and fall in love with all the characters all over again! Thank you for all your hard work!!!

Really cool worlds and forms with lovely pixel art and animations as well!

I played this and loved it a lot! I even went back to get every ending, they're all so cool :3c

Oh wow Rewritten is looking very cool, excited for when it releases!

Really enjoyed this, the getting damaged to gain attack system was very interesting as well, nice work!

This is very cool! I like the games look and think the story is very interesting so far :3c

Nice sprite work, I enjoyed getting all the endings!

This game has a nice style to it and I enjoyed the story, nice work!

I played through to get all endings and greatly enjoyed this, lovely work!

Was really good and I was able to complete the whole game with little problem, it was cute and i liked the characters a lot <33

A very cool experience, super interested to see Naomi's full story!

No problem!

Hi! Thank you for downloading and sorry you ran into this problem ;w;) Do you have rpgmaker XP RTP installed? That is needed to run the game, here is a link in case you don't:

Ahhh this is one of my new favorite games I'm in love with everything about it, very happy to be able to play it!

Wow, I liked the original turtle head so seeing this labor of love remake is great, y'all knocked it out of the park great work!

Really loved this, the characters designs are all so cool!

Ty for playing! And yeah, this was made as a quick little game to test some things in tyranobuilder so it is pretty short, hopefully my next release will be a better length!

I'm glad you liked it and it helped brighten your day a little, ty! I hope tomorrow is kinder to you ❤︎

Oh tysm I'm glad you enjoyed it! ❤︎

Omg I loved this so much, Annabelle and Bow are so cute I love them sm ;w;) 

I love this game so much, it's vibe, it's aesthetics, the characters, it's all so fun, although I haven't been able to complete it yet I definitely recommend it!

Really cool aesthetics and interesting world, I really enjoyed it!

Very unique, I loved it so much I played multiple times :D

I loved the game so I'm happy to hear ya'll plan on continuing it, keep up the great work!

Very sweet and cute!

Such a sweet little game, I love all the writing :)

I love this art style and these characters, and the writing is so soft, great work!

Very nice art and I really enjoyed the writing between the two characters :)

I love this VN, especially Cerberus! I played all routes and endings and loved all the writing and humor, also the art for all the characters is very cute!

I really like object heads so I played it and while it is short I loved the art style of it, and the creative  ways it portrayed the characters body parts.