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I love it! I think it would be a cool mobile game!

Hey! This is the lounge for everything Jam-related, make teams and give people tips! This Jam is extra-beginner friendly :)



thank you! i plan on developing this game for longer than the jam!


Thank you!

it got approved today! 5 1/2 days of waiting!

thank you!

Thank you so much!

It’s in the process of being approved on the google play store!

don’t worry, on my first playtest it was 8, on my second it was 11

thank you for all the feedback! i subscribed

Best game i’ve played so far, linked with the theme & lore, quite fun

Best game i’ve played so far, linked with the theme & lore, quite fun

you are trying to say your game is the same as another’s, but there is nothing similar at all

so are you going say that worlds like garden story infringe on your royalties? i think not.

All it is is a rpg, with enemies, mutiple dimensions, thats it, i dont know how its related to @marceldobehere ’s one, because his is drastically different to yours

what is your resolution? 1200x900?

dude are you ok

given that you are using a laptop you are probably using an intel pentium with integrated graphics

of course it would be its in his own engine

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Really fun game, I didn’t really see any reference of the theme, but overall the game was really fun, the HUD gave me Iron Man vibes. 8/10

Great game, should be even harder for a rage game, I love how the background sound synced with what was happening in the game, definitely speedrunnable. 8/10 overall.


this is like 2.5D 8x8 minecraft. i love it.

illegal as in copyrighted?

like pgif or something

eks dee

why are you here when i need you


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is there a way to make a transparent background?



haha 69