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a) Is it possible to toggle off the hearts? Every other feature is pitch perfect to what I need!

b) I was curious if it would be possible for users to put their own custom moving backgrounds into the program, I use focuswriter a lot so I'm a little spoiled in terms of being able to put Custom Stuff in there

your work is LIFESAVING and makes all my projects go so smoothly!! i was wondering, do you have any interest in doing seasonal environments, like a snowy day or autumn leaves scattered around?

i'm having a little trouble making the autotile work properly with the 'room builders walls' and 'room builder floors' sheets, do you have any advice? it keeps drawing from other parts of the sheet that clearly don't match, placing wall corners where the floor should be.

thank you so much!! I'll send those samples asap, I really appreciate your time  & look forward to anything you plan to do with super retro world in the future 

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hello, i recently purchased your complete pack and i love it! however, i'm having a small problem - it appears to be that some of the tiles are built to take advantage of rpgmaker's autotiling system. however, i am using these assets in srpg studio, and i'm not quite sure how to get the 'implied' tiles to where i can use them, since i'm pretty sure srpg doesn't have a similar autotiling feature.

just played my first session and look forward to playing again. i felt so much empathy for bear. i really like the first little story i made with them, and want to make more. i really liked the step for bringing yourself into a specific "space" for playing the game, and i really loved that you play the game with nothing but your own body, basically. that really fostered the sense of connection for me. i think this is a wonderful game and will recommend it to others.

really pretty game! understanding equipment was a bit difficult, and the way the day/night system faded the screen made it hard to discern what was going on, especially for the action log in the lower left.

this was just plain fun!! i felt so clever when i put on the leftmost outfit

perfect aesthetic for the concept.

adorable game. dearly look forward to what's ahead

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i like this game a lot! its exactly what my group has been looking for for a long time, and our first session was an absolute blast! i especially enjoy that roll results are really just 'yes, and,' 'yes, but', and 'no, and,' which is excellent for keeping failure from grinding scenes to a halt. however i think it is a little.. tone deaf to make the only nonbinary sample character the transfiguration teacher who is notably uneducated in formal magic and its society. i think they sound lovely, but more nonbinary presence in the sample profiles would make me feel a bit less tetchy about how deeply Other they are presented from every other sample teacher, as a nonbinary person myself

finally, a game for both me, who wants to kiss stan, AND my irl boyfriend, who wants to kiss ford

waterpumps are a bit glitchy when you use the undo button, i've watched my riverbeds fill up more than they ought to be after an undo before.

adore the game. i wish there was an option to start from latter stages of restoration when replaying a level - with like, maybe suboptimal map states for balance? i've been stuck on mountain for ages and am considering going back to floodplain baby land so that i can see all the charming animals again.

look at these!!! they are so cute

i really enjoy how simple this is to add and edit the assets of as a pixel artist! is there a way perhaps to make the palette a little more complex than they are at current? i want to use this + a lot of my own work to create the talk sprites for a game

that you for making this, i plan to use it, it is adorable and very helpful

do you have any centaur-like characters in your asset packs? the lead of my game is an insectoid man with a -taur build so i was curious if there was anything in this style i could purchase to edit him from

adding fluff is the EXACT aspect of sprite editing i have always struggled with the most, thank you so much for producing this tool!! i'm working on a game rn called the Faceless Town, i'll add you and your tool so the credits!

thanks i love it

Picked this up in the bundle, printed it out and have started a game with my partner - rather than doing a whole run of picking up pieces in one day, we went over a single piece until we felt good and done for the day, and will be resuming again later. This is an amazing game for generating deep and interesting conflict between characters and figuring out next steps of their characters' arcs - I really recommend it, but only to be played with someone you trust deeply as a storyteller and as a person.

watching my gf play this in short bits the other day, enraptured by the little blips i caught of this game and its atmsophere. stoked to play it myself because atmospheric horror... now that's food

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i just purchased stewpot and im very excited to play with my housemates, but i also have a question about a piece of language in the game.. the 'smoke breaks.' it took me by surprise to see it though i immediately understood the intent of the rule, but i sort of wish there was an alternate term used as a former smoker about a year off. at home i'm probably just going to ask us all to use different wording to avoid making my brain get stuck on cravings more than the fun of rp.

my question i guess is, is this way of referring to it necessary? it's fine if it's integral to the vision of the piece, but it's not something i was expecting to see.

EDIT: i just saw another former smoker mention the issue, i'm glad i'm not alone and that you're open to changing it!