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Hmm. I'm pretty sure i got all the endings. I even searched for a walkthrough. I guess? I'm not sure, since it's been a month. Sorry.

Woah! This game is soo awesome. I enjoyed playing this game, didn't have any problem on it to so it's 5 star rating! :)) But i just wanna ask you one question. What'll i do if i can't use the bonus part? The one where it can be unlocked after you finished all the route. I tried clicking it many times now but i can't have any access to it. Can you please tell me what to do?

Oh, is that so? Maybe your right. It's fixed now i just downloaded the game again then poof. Actually i just finished the game now. And the plot is great, sooo hilarious. The characters are very interesting. Florien is so sarcastic that it makes me laugh. While Anton have the traits of my ideal guy. You know cold and fierce thingy. Oh and my most fav of all Yvin ( well i pronounce his name as Ivin tho 😂 ) It's not usual for me to be fond over a silly-funny guy. But i think it's his charisma. This vn is great, 10/10. I never really found a vn like this before, well let's count Cafe Rouge, Skights and Locked Heart. Good job at making this game. :)

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When i downloaded this at first its ok. But then suddenly it stopped, like i can't move my mouse or i can't use it. I even restarted my pc for the nth time. Because everytime quit the game the sounds are still on. And i'm afraid if i download it again then all of the saved scenes will be gone. So as the scene where i stopped. ( well not specifically because every minute i'am saving the scenes afraid that my mouse won't be working again but i assure you the mouse isn't the problem the game is ) Other than that i'm pretty sure the plot is wonderful so i can't just forget about this. So i need to know what should i do. Any suggestions, please?