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Zauberin Stardreamer

A member registered Nov 05, 2016

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Crosscode refuses to display on my primary monitor, and instead always runs on my drawing tablet's screen.  On top of that, I cannot Alt-Click to drag it to another monitor, and right-clicking on its task bar entry and clicking Move similarly has no effect.

OS: Arch Linux, 64bit

Unfortunately not, the issue stopped happening after I reloaded the avatar.

Though now, I'm having an issue with a lot of latency, like a 0.5-1.0 second delay between me moving and my avatar moving.

VTuberWebcam community · Created a new topic Bug Report

When I first loaded in my vrm avatar, it was working okay, but there was a problem with the default model still being visible behind it.  But after closing and reloading the program, the avatar was badly mangled.  Some of the geometry was not moving at all, while other bits of geometry were far offset from where they should have been.

Is there a variant planned for this that uses tarot cards instead of regular playing cards?

Volume controls please >,<

TextureLab community · Created a new topic Some Bug Reports
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At high scale values, Simplex has some very visible banding artefacts, which shouldn't be happening.

EDIT: Also, pressing Delte while focused on the node search bar will also delete whichever node you have selected in addition to the text

This game appears to no longer be getting distributed through Itch, newer releases can be obtained from

You're welcome, and thanks for fixing the link.  I also forgot to report that installation from the client wasn't working either, but correcting the download link has apparently fixed that as well.

The download link for 64bit Linux instead gives me a file for 32bit Linux