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Due to the time constraints of the gamejam i was nit able to add this features. I have to think about working on it a second time , and if , i'll be happy to implement this stuff.

> Zatt

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Thanks for the Help, it will definitely help to improove it. Due to the time constraints of this Gamjam i wasnt able to do something like healthbars.



Where is the half Guy which has worked at your Game :)

Posted in game?

so i thaught alreday that the windows stability fixes are not the thing that it keeps crashing on your pc. i try to solve this.

and [spoiler] the right code for the choose doors is right,left,left thanks for playing :)

ok i spoiler the right code is right left left

thanks for sharing this with other poeple i hope you know that this game is made in 48 hours and is not finished bun anyway thanks for playing

today was the release alpha