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Yea, I thought that might be the case.

Perhaps, having Nimble Kick detect the end of the sample in use, by applying the fade wherever it stops?

Again, my knowledge of developing these things is lacking so I apologise if I'm asking for the impossible.

Going further on this (I'm not sure how possible this is), but when making kick rolls for example (the sample cutting off half way, 1/4 way etc) if it would be possible to detect midi length and apply the fade out at the end of each midi note.

However I imagine this may be difficult, if even possible to do.

I've just bought this plugin and I'm loving it already! 

Increasing my workflow ten fold, so thank you for that!

One small suggestion would be the option to fade out the tail audio, or a button to recenter the DC Offset of the sample at the end to avoid clicks.

(Of course this can be done before rendering the sample and dragging it into the plugin, but this plugin seems to increase workflow around everything, and so that small bit would be a nice feature too!)

Thanks again,