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giggle "that's all thanks :)" fun game

heyyy this is a clever idea :3 gonna see if I can beat every level

only complaint is that it's too easy to split immediately after nesting unless you tap the X key just right!!

really fascinating stuff!!

:3 really cute, i wish increasing my taste level really was this easy

i havent discovered how to win, yet this is a really clever way to apply the theme!

:3 i guided the buddy

was fun :3 got to 104/250 and was undone by some very peculiar plant life

3 AM is really calm and gentle, very nice!

nice'n'cute :3 had trouble with the fireballs level

You two improved this game so much since the jam, it's so excellent and expressive now... really pleased and lucky to have my music be part of the experience <3

this is neat and the presentation's so nice :3 got about 70 pts

thank you for playing and for the very encouraging comments <3 I definitely will be trying to expand the game and clarify the way limmhesto's facing!

for puzzle game fans. I'm proud of the sprites, the dialogue, the music, etc. not so proud of the way the title screen lags or the way the gameplay gets so hard, but I'm wondering if anyone can master it despite all that!

I had a lot of fun putting the game together but I'm sorta lost without any feedback. Thanks for checking.

Have only poked around at a few games so far, but I love the soundtrack from Serpent Shoppe. Such murky beats <3

rolled "Stabby Hellion" on the rndcart and rolled with it :3 it's kind of a Drod-like strategy puzzle thing using my own storylines and music. I really love Pico-8's function as a chiptune EP-maker which is why I learned the system, but I'm so in to turn-based games that I got drawn into learning more about the system and this is great practise!

thanks for checking out the game :3
i looked at that site and it needed me to have a video. i should think about video!