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I love the graphics and how it's split into minigames

Nice game!

Fixed the planet purchasing system! Download version 1.1 and try it out :)

Love the sprites and particles as they create a nice vibe, simplistic core game mechanic is gold (pun intended), reminds me of Flappybird.  Like the addition of music and sounds however the same sound for the good and bad charms broke my immersion.

Rather than the incomplete achievement system I think a high-score system would have actually been better, however the reason I stopped playing was the repetitive level design (especially at the start) along with the abrupt level endings.

Overall it obviously fits the theme, I love the core mechanic and sprites, but the level design feels rushed and struggles to keep me hooked.

Got up to level 16 so far, this game is legendary! I love the game-play, level design, graphics, audio, literally everything. Please make more!

"The code execution cannot proceed because lua51.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem"

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Unskippable text is terrible. You can make minor changes after game jams to make the game playable. Anyways the graphics and physics were good.

Very good game and concept, just wish it wasn't so hard!

Ladder didn't work... like the player graphic

Love the cat on the screen, got up to 13!

Great concept. Playing made me very salty though xD

yeah kinda botched the digger placement, thought fixing that wasn't worth it in the short time span, thanks for playing!

Yeah ran out of time, thanks for playing

Looks really good, got sucked in easily :p

Great Game, A few little things I would change:

  • The robot doesn't notice if you've already found the seeds and planted them.
  • The build menu was a little bit un-intuitive having to change between categories.
  • Can't pick up chicken eggs.
  • Doors are a bit annoying.
  • inventory item bar at the left should only show items that are above 0 in quantity.

Hard to find issues, it's such a great game.

Always wanted to do a CYOA, do you mean one with a story, or enumerating programming challenges?

Never knew harvesting organs would be so fun!

Love it!