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Zachariah Chandler

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Oh no! You are right! Now that I see this on a regular resolution screen it is indeed much harder to see. I'll look around for another font. Thanks!

Thanks, I'll send further details soon.

Hello! I would like to show this game at an exhibition sometime in early October, and was wondering if I could contact you personally to discuss some more details and get your permission. Twitter or email both work for me.

!!! That's awesome I'm glad you like this one :)

The Dragon Palace? ? ?

Thank. :) Worked hard on wiggle :)

The best! No-glitches-here-friend was my favourite I think.

Yay!~ you found all the secrets! That's great, I'm so glad you liked it. :D Thanks so much for the let's play.

I'm glad you liked it, you didn't miss much, only a couple of whispers, nothing critical.
I'm absolutely fine with playthroughs and I hope I'll be able to provide a second chapter soon(ish).