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Mine is 2.866.970

I feel bad because i couldn't pass level 1 haha

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Great job man <3

What's the color palette? 

Oh yes, my bad.

There is no idle animation i guues

Looks great :3

this is so good, love it <3

awesome <3

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These characters are so nice! Can't wait to see the UI, portraits and animals

Thank you ^^

This is amazing, what is the color pallete? 

Great work! I love the colors

Oh i get it

Man, you are a true 8x8 master! What is the palette

your art is amazing man

if you add attack animation I'll surely buy it

Pit Field instead of Pit Fiend

This is completely nuts, do you use specific color palette?

Nice Man

nice man

Not every character is animated but despite that, good job

great work but for me the animations are too long, i think that this video can help you


this is epic

looks good^^

love it <3

Glad to hear that^^ , feel free

i made a game using those assets:

i made a game using those assets:

yes, my bad

fire0, fire1 and fire2 are the same

cool, by the way, the blonde girl is missing idle animation