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I freakin' LOVED this game!
Really fun and easy to play once you know how to play, def took me a few tries to understand fully though haha


Damn, I gotcha. That's a smart way to do it haha! I never even put that together! XD That's awesome lol

And thank you!

I loved this game so much ... I related heavily to the characters and the art style was absolutely beautiful. 

I loved this game so much ... I honestly didn't expect it to be scary, but it surprised me xD


I absolutely loved this game ... although I couldn't figure the mechanics out for the life of me, so I started to just have some fun with it xD

A new mechanic made for a new change of pace, and an interesting creature I attempted to draw for the thumbnail-

I played this game and really enjoyed it's sense of humor and art style! The art style was stunningly beautiful!

I played this game and I found it really interesting! I wanted to say thank you for telling me about it! I found myself really interested and I loved that almost every single person wasn't doing the exact same thing, they were all doing different things. I was caught a bit off guard when I found 'Him' XD

I did try to record this and make a video about this since you told me about it on my YouTube channel (YzarcGaming), but sadly, my recording software did not want me to record the game. I tried and tried again, eventually I gave up trying to record it, but I still played it and enjoyed it :)

The only thing I was, that there was more to do. Perhaps some more things to interact with or talk to people or something. It was a very good game though! Good job! I can't wait to see what else you will create in the future! :D

I have never seen anything on this game until I started playing! This was very interesting experience. I don't know if I enjoyed it, I mean, I did, but the eye getting spliced open was gross haha XD Great game, I loved the black and white aspect of it as well! :D Here is my play through for anyone interested in checking it out:

Hello! I played the game and I have to say I loved the mechanics, it was really interesting to try to solve puzzles! One of them tripped me up a bit too. The music was very nice and the graphics were very visually pleasing! I made a game play video to anyone that would like to check it out! :)

I had a lot of fun with this game! I'm very much excited for more of this! I made a game play video on this!

I really enjoyed this game! I loved him turning into a little bat-dog XD

Hello! I played this game and I loved it. I think that the only downside was there was heavy motion blur and that sometimes hurt my eyes. Other than that, I thought it was amazing! I made a video on it if you would like to see me experience the game :)

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This game was so strange and honestly Nick scared the crap out of me ... well ... in the beginning. I got used to his company after a while. Here is a video though if you want to check it out:

I feel like this game would be fun with maybe some eventual multiplayer.

Some weather, temperatures, and day/night cycles would be great. A way to become to hot or freeze because it's too cold. Maybe a bed so you could sleep.

Some way to make the game more difficult, because after a little bit of playing it, you've got everything you need and you're basically living in a mansion.

Maybe some more wildlife perhaps? A fishing net? Maybe even a way to dive down into the ocean and do something. Perhaps ... a way that you could even be rescued if you build a signal or something in time, like a way to beat the game type thing.

And I feel like the biggest thing this game NEEDS, is more resolution. I can barely see anything on the resolution I have to play it on.

This is my play through of the game! I really loved this idea and it was very funny to play! XD Though I think that the randomization could be worked with a bit, but at the same time, even the very random randomization was very funny! Good job!

This game was really awesome. I loved the music, the style, and the idea was very cool too!

Here is my video: Check it out ^^