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Here we go!

We asked you all to amaze us, and you didn’t disappoint!

With over 180 submissions we had a hard time to pick those that amazed us the most. The quality of all the submissions we received was astonishing, showing not only the creativity of our community, but also the flexibility of GameMaker Studio 2 as a game engine.

Before we move on to highlight some games that didn’t quite make our top three. Let’s give a special shout-out to the games we really liked: Neon Slide by Burning Goat Studio for the fun mechanics, The Nanon by Pabagames for stunning visuals, and Tomb of Anubi0s by Gats1212 for the amazing concept!

After many meetings, thousands of emails and two food wars (no interns were harmed during the judging process), we are delighted to share our three winners:

LAM’S UNTITLED NEON by Nyveon, Faxdoc, Happysquared, Sunnydaze and VictoryArcana

Lam’s Untitled Neon is one of those games that doesn’t need over-the-top mechanics to mesmerize you. The game tells a story of a neon shop in Hong Kong, which struggles not only with the decline of the neon industry, but also a conflict between a grandchild and a grandparent. Add fun minigames on top of that and you just got yourself a very nice game for an afternoon, which is bound to stick with you for a long time after playing it.

  • Programming: Nyveon
  • Art: Faxdoc
  • Art & Game Design: Happysquared
  • Sound, Music & Writing: Sunnydaze
  • Writing: VictoryArcana

Quaterneo by rologfos

Here’s the thing - puzzle games are great, but puzzle is hardly the most exciting genre in the game world. In comes Quaterneo, a game that turns puzzle onto its head - literally! This match-four block stacker comes with a unique mechanical twist, which will keep you entertained for hours. If you’re looking for a puzzle game that will challenge your strategic thinking, Quaterneo is the one for you.

Purple Desert by - BOON, soVes, Fredrik, Zghra and Viktor Kraus

Have you ever wanted to conquer the Dark Side of the Moon? Good news, Purple Desert will let you do just that… with cards! Who knew a dungeon crawl could be this fun? Purple Desert lets you explore a dungeon in a classic roguelike fashion, turning each battle into an exciting card match. You can turn up the heat by summoning Tokens, which provide you with powerful, but temporary buffs, so be sure to use them wisely!

  • Director, Game Design, Programming, Sound Effects: Oscar BOON Gonzalez
  • Shaders, Technical Art, Programming: soVes
  • Assisting Art: Fredrik
  • Music : Vincenti Zghra
  • Sound Designer: Viktor Kraus

We’ll be in touch with the winners soon to further discuss prizes, but we wanted to extend a huge congratulations to them and everyone who took part. We were moved by the volume of submissions and their quality! Thanks for the feedback you gave us as well - we’re going to take it all to heart.

See you all next Jam!

- YoYo Games & Opera

Just to let everyone know that we're getting close to our announcement. We have our top 3 and are working to ensure prizes are correctly distributed before we announce anything. Hopefully we can have the announcement out by the end of this week! 

Another little update form us: We believe we have our top 3 winners and are putting together the announcement blog that we will share here as soon as it's ready. However, there's a few things we've got to sort out RE: prizes before announcing the winners. This might delay the announcement to next week but fingers crossed it all goes well. Meanwhile I'm going back to play a few of my favourites as some of these games are pretty addictive!


We hope to be able to share our winners later this week but we are just consistently AMAZED ( :D ) with the games!!!

Some clarification. We have been looking at every game. We just wanted to use the top 20s for a starting point for judges, If there is something we find to be expectational or just shy of top 20 it may also be included. We've just got a lot of amazing games to reviews! Yes! We should have result by next week!!

Hi all!
Once again we have been overwhelmed in the best possible way with the quality of the games. Now that the public voting has completed I wanted to be clear about how we will handling our internal review and deciding on our winners.
We're going to take the top 20 games from each category (with some crossover there of course) and put them into a master judging document. We will then be reviewing them internally with some key people from Opera and YYG giving input and picking favourites. Once we've taken all this into consideration and also the rankings on each category we will have our top 3! I think we'll be ready to share the winners next week.
Hope you are all as happy as we are with how everything went. We know there's been some feedback and we have been listening. This won't be the last jam from us!
YYG - Opera

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It won't be our last jam!!


Just want to say we have been BLOWN AWAY by the entries for Amaze Me!! The quality of games is incredible and we're so proud to see it.
We're going to keep voting open over the weekend as we want to allow more time for people to share and rate the games in order to help us make the final decisions for the winners! A reminder that the voting does not decide the winners. Our judging panel at YYG & Opera has final say. We can't wait to dig into more of the games. We're already really loved what we've played so far!
Well done everyone!
Looking forward to finding our winners and can't wait to run more events like this in the future. Thanks for all the feedback. We've been reading everything.

- YYG & Opera

Do you have a link to the game page?

If anyone is still have issues with submissions please reach out and we will do what we can :)

Posted a similar reply to the post here
I just want to say we're listening to this feedback for when we do things again. Thanks for letting us know how you feel about the rules this time around. There was a lot of things thrown out this time around so we wanted to see what worked and what didn't. Appreciate this! Thanks.

I'm happy to allow small changes post submission deadline. Just be clear, quick and don't make huge changes.

Yes. Sorry if that wasn't clear. We will ask for the project files for verification if required!

Happy to hear it!! Yes. So many great entries so far!

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Update: Any late entries. Please let us know!

To access a free to use GameMaker Studio 2 Licence simply create a YoYo Account and click the following link to grab yourself a free Desktop/Web licence - valid until the end of the Amaze Me Jam

Any version of GameMaker Studio 2 is fine!

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There's nothing against it but we would encourage you to put all your effort behind one game.

You only need to submit once!

Hey! Yes - as you saw in the Reddit thread. People are welcome to start work on the game now.

There is an #events channel on the GM Discord which is a good place for Jams like this

Hi everyone! Just wanted to jump on and say thank you. There are some amazing games submitted for the jam I think you all did really well. We've started our judging and should have news on the winners and prizes soon. Thank you all. Hope you had fun.

Using other assets is fine!

What an amazing turnout! 100+ games all celebrating GameMaker and such incredible uses of the 20 theme. While it was so hard for us to pick just 3 for our winning categories we wanted to give shout outs to great story games like The Best Birthday and 20+365 days, fun and challenging puzzle games like Think20 and 7 13 Tea and fun arcade-y games like BALL 20x2 and Cyber Synth. The quality was so high across the board. Everyone did so well.

Here are the winners from our three categories: 

Congratulations to everyone. We will be in touch with the winners to sort out prizes. We can’t wait to do this again and hope you all had a great jam and continue to make us proud with your uses of GameMaker!


We got there in the end! Voting should now be enabled and I've extended the date for voting :)

Hey, official results were going to be depending on the amount of submissions. With 100+ we're probably looking to get an announcement of winners later this week and if not, then next week! Thanks

I've not had contact back from support and I've been trying all the options. I'm not sure if it's become impossible because the setting were wrong before the end of submissions or it's a bug. I'm really not sure but I'm sorry ratings are not enabled :( Sucks.

Hmmm. I'm trying to set them (it looks like they should be set) but it doesn't seem to be showing up for people :(

Hey, I thought we already had rating enabled. Sorry. Let me enable them.

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Hey, sorry about the confusion. If you want to send your submission to community @ we can included it in our judging :)

and if you have a itch game page we can include it on the submissions page manually.

Private submission won't hurt chances. We understand if you need to protect assets.

Hey,  if you would like to submit privately please email the source project (or a link to it) to :) Thanks!

Thanks!! Hope you all have fun celebrating 20 years!