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Hii Black Tea, I was wondering if you'd like to make a team with me?

I did the character art for the game The Sandman, and made the tiny games Got Me and StrayDog. I also know basic programming for Unity, and like to write!

That is indeed the reason~! The blanket was also supposed to render him invisible against the night sky, but the art for the game never got that far~

Thank you for taking the time to come back to review!

This is usually how my dreams tend to drift into one another. 
It makes me happy that you found such a deep meaning to this game. Thanks so much! 

I love this game!!

Your word choice is so welcoming, so lovely, so familiar, it really increases my enjoyment of this game ten-fold!

I have only one "bug" report! The social justice ending-- when I try to go back after clicking the definition of bug research, it won't let me return! It prevents me from seeing my end game report! 

All in all, still love it!! And I've never stepped on a stink bug and hope it never happens!

Game updated!

A nice, quaint game! 

I wish it had more images to help me remember where I'm going, but it was a fun experience! Got my goose!

My apologies!!

I'll try to do a build for 32bit if I can!

Thanks so much! Our programmer worked really hard on that feature!


That was a fun game.

The little goblins were just the right amount of annoying, and then even useful. I hated the ones on top of the hole when I only had two moves left, though!

Wow this is a hard game. I love it. Love hate relationship with the messages it leaves for me every time I die. I love the interface.

This was fun!

It goes by so fast I just have to use vague context clues to figure out what I'm saying, and when I get too good, bam! Hit by a car. Keeps me humble. 

Overall, a good game!

A really nice game!

I love the style used, and the theme. The puzzles were just hard enough to make it really worth solving. This could easily be made into a longer game with a lot of quirky puzzles to solve.

All in all, I loved it.

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1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Why it's little 'ol me, Yuwrenn, Wrenn.

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

I have been in every single jam, this is what I do. However, I have only successfully made a game for the last one. I would like to again complete a game for a solid 50/50 participation rate. Makes me look less flakey. I might continue to expand on dialogue trees and conditional responses bc do you know how cool that is, having a character acknowledge that you did a thing. It's real cool.

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

J/RPGs. Honestly, rpgs are 98% of the games I play. I appreciate storylines and character development. I consider games to be a higher form of expression because they combine so many different types of the arts. Some throw outs would be the Tales of series, the SMT main series, Silent Hill series, and the Rune Factory series.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

Yes, I do. I am an intermediate beginner imo. I spend most of my time staring at Unity when I know damn well that I could make x thing in 5 other, easier engines. But I feel Unity gives me the most EXP.

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

Learning about dialogue tree implementation. Art and music. Growing as a dev. 

6. What are your goals for this game jam?

Make game that does not say [Prototype] because I cut out a lot of things. Maybe work on making good UIs. 

7. Any advice to new jammers (if you're a veteran)?

If you are new to game dev and planning on making something using an engine you've never used before, then don't do anything too extravagant. If you find yourself lingering for hours on only one minor part of your game because of this it's time to say no. This is probably referring to Scope, but you don't realize it's scope until it scopes you.

Okay, I managed to play it all!

For some reason, it had teleported me into the walls at the bottom of that scene, and I was stuck in the wall.

I really enjoyed the game; I do the exact same thing, watching horror games when I know damn well I'm gonna suffer. I've taken to watching most of them on Youtube if I know it's gonna be Too Much. At least I;m not 100% alone then.

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Whoops, I'm stuck on the scene with the ladder and three portraits! It won't let me move!

@Jupiter Hadley, @AEtharr

Thanks for the feedback! The dialogue actually changes based on how much money is given, but you also made me realize that I forgot to add a decimal, so you gave him $100 instead of $1.00!!

I had my speakers up so the text noise scared me so bad!

I love presenting evidence!! Brings me back to two fandoms I enjoy, and the text and face animations really sell it!

This is a great short and sweet demo! Congrats!

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Not bad!

When I first started to play pressing the right arrow caused an error and I had to close the game. Thought I was stuck at the tall wall until re-reading the directions and that I had to bite the wall! Sharky also bites tiny walls which can get confusing if you accidentally press the button, but Id say just playing for longer would get you used to it. Over all, I enjoyed it!

What program are you using?

Thank god thank you

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Lord please give me the strength to actually make a game this time and the power to not get bogged down learning sophisticated 3D techniques for a damn 2week gamejam!!!!! !!!!111!!!!!!!!

Let's try this again!!!!

I do have experience, especially since the last jam, and I want to do better! And be able to look back on a game and say boi I did that.

I am quite familiar with Unity but always get stuck on the dialogue part which kinda. Stops everything. But! Lets try this again.
I'm passionate about video games that's why I'm still here. Love JRPGs; slave to the deep storylines and never want to leave. I would like to become a member of a community and make friends too.

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Ah I remember this, and you managaed to match the artwork to a T.

I think this would make a real good game.

I enjoy puzzle games like this so I hope it all goes well for you.

I also appreciate how you aim to be sight-friendly.

You art looks lovely and I really like the menu

I cannot wait to banish demons and save my Church from Sin

I am so pumped to see this finished holy shit good luck!!!


I love this

Also, maybe this should be made sticky?

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Goals...for now.

  1. Work with menus. I have no idea how to make menus as I am now, so this is a great time to learn. Menus are really important aspects of a game for me (especially with 3d games), so. I want to make some.
    • Specifically, instead of a game I think just making the scene involving the bringing up of a menu/ menus might be worth two weeks, heh. A menu prototype.
    • Options to leave the menu, to buy, sell, those things. I want to make a menu for a shop/ shops you will most likely have to enter.
    • I really want to add a cute chain link option when you buy things at the store. But. Just thinking about that code tho. I have made small mathy systems before in c++ and it can cause tears, ah any other coding format ahhH
  2. Along with the menus comes the scene so I want a nice scene. The inside of a store.
  3. Actually have something to show!! Learn how to upload a game bc how the hell. This is another thing I have been looking up.

I am the type that just. Does not make concept works but if I want at least something to show for it I know I should, I know I should... I might make some of those devlogs to keep me faithful. And to get help.

Inspiration: The brief store scenes I saw in the Persona 5 previews, and. Devil Summoner 2, Baten Kaitos Origins (god) & Baroque.