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I love admiring the moon from the rooftop. 

<3 <3 <3

Thank you so much for the feedback! This is sincerely one of the most kind and encouraging things anyone's ever told me and gives me the motivation to keep moving ahead. 

It is! It's grown a bit in scope. I update regularly on Twitter:

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Game Jam Curator did a playthrough here if you don't feel like downloading: 

Lol. It's true. It's just a little pixel performance. I should probably make that clearer in the descrip. Thanks for the feedback!

lol heckyeah

This was lovely, thank you for sharing!

Hey thanks! Yeah, I hope there are no problems with the Steam release, but either way I'll be distributing it on as well, and encouraging folks to buy it from here. 



For sure! That'll be the next post. Thank you for your continued support! :)

Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it.

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Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback! There will definitely be more musical variation, and audio variation in general (sound effects, etc), in the final release.

I've been experimenting with mobile support. I'm encountering a few issues that I plan on addressing in time for the final release. As far as larger tablets, I haven't tested, but the browser version may behave well?

Good catch on that typo (another thing I'd like for the final release: a copy editor).

Again, thank you for your helpful feedback. I'll be considering it as I move forward!

For sure! Gonna set up a Linux box to test the build, but in the meantime, have you tried running it in your browser?:

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Norco got greenlit on Steam!! Super stoked. If you're on Tumblr, you can follow along at

Finishing up the overworld...

Making progress on the game's intro. You can check it out here:

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Norco, Louisiana. December 14th, X92A.

Several days after returning to your childhood home to handle your dead mother's estate, you awake to find a strange message from your brother waiting in your voicemail. Accompanied by a fugitive security cyborg that your mother harbored for almost a decade, you must search the broken industrial landscapes of Norco to find your missing brother before it's too late. Featuring retro cyberpunk adventure gameplay that pays homage to such classics as Snatcher, Rise of the Dragon, and Read Only Memories, Norco guides the player through a rich pixelated world of androids, swamplands, and oil refineries to piece together a mystery that goes deeper than it seems.

Gameplay Features

  • Converse with a range of unique characters through a branching non-linear dialogue system
  • Collect scale and feather tokens to speak to reptiles and birds
  • Rent and play games from the local video store
  • Check the news and weather on your UX500
  • Scratch away at the dark history of your hometown through investigation and puzzles

A Unique Glimpse Into Rural Louisiana

Norco is the culmination of years of research into the Louisiana River Parish region. The locales featured in the game are based on the diverse and complex histories of the area. The region's ecology is brought to life in pixelated splendor that draws heavily from the color palette of the Sega Master System.

Check out the Steam Greenlight page here. I've been inspired by and learned a lot from the community and would really value any feedback. Thanks!

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I've been a part of the community for a while, but this is my first post... Hi! I recently completed a browser game called "Swampstar." It's a short character-driven vignette featuring lovely sounds, meditative dialogue, and expressive, original pixel art. It's more of a delicate little diorama than a game, and is part of a series called "Geography of Robots" that I've been developing for a while. I hope you have an opportunity to check it out. Feedback is always welcome. Thanks!