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So cute! And very relaxing! I love playing while listening to waves

Very fun!


The game is awesome, but I'm just not good at it haha
Gonna give it more tries!
Love the art and music!

So hard!! I love the aesthetic!

I really like this game! I wish there were more places to research. The night phase wasn't a problem after I got more dice.
I love the theme and atmosphere! 
Gonna play again!

Very calming, been playing almost daily now...
Would love a flip&write PNP version to play with my family and friends!

Great game with lots of potential! 
You have to think strategically where to place your tiles and what are adjacent to them.
I love the duality day/night, good/bad. And I really like when game components have more than one use to them!
But after a while, it can became a little repetitive... I wish there were more types of tile, more types of enemies, some kind of goal/waves. But as I said: there's potential to make it better than it already is.
It gave more than one hour of fun! Thank you for that!
Good job!

Beautifully melancholic. The art style and color palette are great.
And such a personal, profound experience...

Cute. I like the the art and the slowmotion explosions!
I couldn't do much with the Swarmbug, but I really like how every character differs from each other.

Good game! The art style and the music gave me an immersive atmosphere, playing alone in the middle of the night. It has a lonely vibe that matches the setting.
The enemy timer got a little predictable... Maybe an alert could work better? Like: you won't know when they're coming, but when they do, you'll have a time limit to reach the dome.

So cute and so clever! I love the art of the cards so so much! And The mechanic of flipping them is so cool!
I had some trouble understanding where the penalty points were coming from... Those red numbers seemed out of nowhere for a while. Then I made the connection with the tyrant power.
I miss the possibility to remove cards from my deck.
I lost at the last battle, because having to build a town was too expensive. I couldn't raise money and food, so I lost...
But I loved this game!
I wish the art style of the cards were more present in the game, instead of the 3D terrains, but I get it...
Also, how can I know how much cooldown time each card will take? It'll be nice to have this info, so I can plan better.
Great game, good job!

Simply amazing! Feels good to play. The music and sound effect are great! 

I'm completely in love with this game! 

Loved the concept! 

So cute! Played for hours! I wish I had some way to mitigate the randomness of the shapes. Thanks for the fun time!

So cute! Loved it!

The characters are so fun! I enjoyed this game mostly because of them. Also the puzzles are nice.