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yuriko and singglitch

A member registered Aug 04, 2019

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What a good ending ,the earth become a paradise and my name is gonna be  praised forever, but... the thing is, that you made a good game and I had a good experience playing this game ...Thank you for this great message and I hope you will make some more of this type of games, you have a lot of potential...have a good day!

"Houses were built to help the poor, and the faithful offered their service and alms so that this earth might become a paradise. This practice is continued as the Houses of Aid.

Through the words of the prophet and the holy writings handed down over a thousand generations, the true message of ...... has come to us so that we might keep it in our hearts and pass it on to our children. 

 By the grace of the great one, we were given a chance to return to the fold of piety, casting aside our old wicked ways. Truly we have been blessed by....., the triumphant Conquerer of the faithful, ruler over the Sky. May their name be praised forever."