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Thanks for the feedback, we didn't have enough time to playtest that much and I came to realize the softlock pit afterwards, which was too late unfortunately.  Thank you again for the informative feedback :)

Appreciate the feedback, yeah we try to make our own twist on it but we also struggled a bit as well. Trial and error it is. 

Thank you for the feedback. I can see why you struggled with the spikes :s

Hey, would really appreciate it  if you have time to play my game

Hey, would really appreciate it  if you have time to play my game

Hey, would really appreciate it  if you have time to play my game

Hey, thanks for the time, feel free to check out my teams game as well. It is a small portal puzzle platformer

Sad to hear that you got stressed, hope everything turns out better next time. Still congrats on putting the game out there!

Aight cheers mate!! Good luck :)

I like the visal quality of the game. The thumbnail especially looks great. The game was really simple though, wasn't really challenging. The strings were not always responsive when I tried to cut. 

I can only imagine the intended experience on the vr is way more emotional, I played mouse and keyboard. The sound quality is really great and it is really a interesting perspective to observe your self from the center of the field and watching your other self going through the memories. Was an interesting experience. I don't know if it is my mouse but grabbing things and moving them was difficult, wasn't really that responsive. The player movement was good though. Thank you for making me take a walk through a memory lane!

Thanks for the feedback, just wondering where are the parts you found it to be challenging? Everything was crafted to hold some challenge but hearing from you would help us pin point specific places which would be great! Thank you for playing!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Yeah the "Shoot Beyond" area shouldn't have been accessible or the character should've have had the option of getting out from there istead of getting trapped. I took a note of it put completely slipped while dealing with other things to finish the game haha. Thank you for playing!

Awesome, thanks for playing. Just wondering which parts did you particularly find to be challenging!

The plug in, plug out sounds were so satisfying. I also loved the zap in the ending. very nice cute little puzzle. 

I enjoy these kinds of tower defense a lot, it reminds me of old flash games. The pixel art is very adorable. It is sad to see that some intended mechanics couldn't be implemented due to the time you guys joined but still was a decent game. Only if you guys implemented the sound I think it would have enhanced what is submitted atm. The pink / blue contrast is also very nice!

It's cute how all the animals run so fast in a line haha. I didn't find the game to be challenging, but I see more of a relaxing time killer.

THe music and visuals are awesome. It really took me to a different place. I love how you combined some very basic inputs and build something more from it. Personally I didn't see any reasons to collect any coins so I was just ignoring them in general. Fun mini game though!

As the game starts I really get dark sci fi vibes and the sound fx and visuals, the scratches and grains really compliment it. If the game was darker or had more contrast in between the darks and the brights it would have been amazing.  In terms of gameplay, a really simple mechanic having more and more layer as we progress which was great. I think the level designs are smart where we have to get momentum, or swing, or attract in a certain way. When I saw 3 balls I was really like "oh wow there is even more! hahaha". Great quick mini game, awesome!

Congrats on finishing and releasing your project, that is a great step forward. I only wished the the camera would be more zoomed out so there is more space for good reaction. Also in the instruction it would have been nice if it said to also avoid hitting other roots. 

I especially love the "Dragon Scroll" and the "Dragon Fruit". It was a really chill and therapeutic game. Though I don't know how to end it, as in don't know if there was a end objective. So I played the game until I got bored basically. Was a very simple and chill game. 

I don't know why but the frame rate on the downloaded version was so low, It wasn't really playable, I am not sure if it is a me issue or with the game. I'm not rating the game since I don't have a fair experience with it. Just wanted to post, perhaps others are also having that issue. Cheers

Very readable characters and great soundtrack! It feels amazing when you get multiple kills but at the same having to constantly running around gets tiring and boring a bit fast. The menu select screen is very smart touch on introducing the main mechanic which gets the message across directly in my opinion. 

The aesthetics are so nice, especially with the sound design that compliments it. I am not sure how it relates to the theme that well though. I had a issue seeing the cursor and some cars passing by, maybe a stronger contrast could have done the trick (like darker lines perhaps). And there are few runs where I had the contact sitting in front of the targets. I cannot bend the bullet so those runs are runs that lost is guaranteed. Still was a cute nice experience. Congrats!!

humor is always appreciated

yeah sorry about that, reworking on the whole thing to make sure there is no virus errors! It will be available again once that problem is fixed!

Some point in the future we would like to make one, not any time soon though. Still working on fixing the issues to make it work on windows.

Totally understand man, it's a huge red flag and I wouldn't expect you to take the odds or believe a random guy on the internet claiming it is safe either. It's programmed on python and not based on a game engine or anything. We will update the file and I hope then the problem will be resolved.

Thank you for the note. We are still working on the tool, but this is something that pops-up with some people and is definitely a red flag. I don't know what is causing it. We will do a full clean up on our end, to make sure no problems occur in the future.

Yes planning to get back into, looking back at it, it needs plenty of retouching.

Hmm, sorry about the problem, I noticed that antivirus programs will see it as a threat but it is definitely clean! You can screenshot me what it detects as well, so that I can investigate if there is something that is not suppose to be there. Thanks!

Hello all, I have started working on a project with my friend. Hoping that it will be useful for all.

We already have some ideas on what to add and continue, but would like to hear from you early on to see if there is something you would recommend that we didn't think of.
Thanks for the feedback, cheerios!

You can check out the project with the link below,

So simple and straightforward, sad to see that we can only delay the end for only few seconds :'(

Very fun music and awesome art.

Thank you mucho for the fast reply <3 stay awesome

This game is awesome, immediately caught my eye and was so fun to play! I went through the things and I might have missed it, but I was wondering what font do you guys use for this game?

Hey Sintet, the world looks great and so cute. I wonder what is the game about? I can't really tell from the images but what is the tile sizes you are working with on this project? 

Thank you WalrusWilram  for your insight. Consistency and bringing the essentials is definitely something to keep in mind. Uniqueness is something I have to consider more. Cheers

Thank you DeReel for the answer. Definitely a useful one to consider and think about. Cheers :) 

Hello everybody,

I am a pixel artist. I am planning to lead a project on a mobile game to build for my friend.

I am looking for a programmer who can code it for IOS mobile platform.

The game will be a 2D pixel art, side scrolling endless runner with a wakeboarding theme. 

Not planning something too crazy but need somebody capable of making all the fundamental mechanics work smoothly, of which are 4 directional inputs, jumping, speedboost, menu and pausing etc. Potentially also a character select screen. 

It is a paid project, so if you're interested, you can hit me up on Discord (yaninyunus#1701), for more information. 

If I missed out some important details that you think the public should know, feel free to drop questions below. 

Thanks 👍

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Hello Itch, 

I make pixel art illustrations and I was wondering what asset packs do you look for and what do you look for in these asset packs. 

What is are some green flags or formats you appreciate. 

Thank you

Originally I have accidentally posted on the wrong category, let's continue the discussion here :)
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