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Thank you's!  <3

Hey BeerBrew, I just wanted to let you know of a bug I found while playing Mie's route. Happens in chapter 4 after starting the back alley scene:

Tried reloading the save and restarting the game like it recommends to but unfortunately it still comes up like this so just wanted to let you know about it incase its not just limited to my computer (playing the windows 64bit version I got from your Patreon). Other than that I had no over problems so far and am very much loving this game and can't wait for when the other routes come out to see what other fantastic stuff becomes available.  :)        

Think at the moment Tomone's route is definitely my favourite, love her so much!
Though when Ren pulls this face...

I am unsure if that is the look I'll see in my dreams or haunting my nightmares, laughed so hard when she she did it! It was amazing, can't wait for a possible Ren route.  :D