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Really great for a first game! I loved the sound quality of the game, it makes it more immersive and spooky! I made a YouTube video playing the game too!

What a great game adaptation for the Backrooms! Really enjoyed this one!

Duuuude, this is a GREAT horror game! I'm looking forward to see more horror games from you :> I absolutely love games like these, where everything seems normal, and then descends into madness! The plot twist at the end was great too! Made a video about it!

Hey, it's me! The guy from FB lol. Anyway, DUUUDE!! I love the style of your game! That unique flashing camera mechanic as opposed to the usual flashlight is awesome~ The semi-PT style of looping, and the TERRIFYING sound effects made it so scary! Although there are a few bugs, and it can be somewhat confusing at times. I'm looking forward to an update or full release! Cheers!

Dude! This game is amazing!! I really like how it played out! As you've said, it's really similar to Granny, but in a good way! The constant fear of the Killer being around the corner is always there because of the never-ending footsteps, it got me on my toes a lot! I made a playthrough of this on YouTube, and I hope you like it! I really want to play more of your games!!

Hey there! I really enjoyed this game, and I'm looking forward to the full release! I hope you'll enjoy the video I've made on it too! I'm excited to play your future releases!!

Great work on this game! It really gave this sense of dread that other games can't include! It also showed how horror games don't really need jumpscares in order to scare the players!

I included this game in a video for #TeamSeas. Together, let's raise awareness to clean the ocean and save our planet! It's the third game in the video ;)

I'll be honest. I didn't know what to expect with this game. But man, this was a great one! I want to keep on playing until I get that absurd amount of dollars required for the last(?) area. I loved it!

I included this game in a video where I raise awareness for #TeamSeas! It really was one where I could actively collect trash in the ocean, and it helped emphasize the importance of cleaning the ocean! It's the second game showcased!

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I played this game, and it really gave me that feeling of dread when stuck in the ocean! It really showcased how you can scare someone without jumpscares :) 

I included this in a video to raise awareness for #TeamSeas, and I hope you don't mind! It's the first game!

Hey there! This game really made me jump! It's an amazing indie horror game, and I really enjoy your games! The first one I played was Nightmare Shift, and seeing you make games like these are amazing! I am looking forward to playing more of your games~

Hey there! I loved the game~ Those chasing parts scared the crap out of me lol. I hope to see this become a full-fledged game!

Great feel overall, just needs a little bit of polishing!

Hey, man! Good job on making a great short horror game~ I had fun playing it. Got a little stuck in the end, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I hope to see more games like this from you! I also made a playthrough, feel free to check it out~

Hello! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE GAME! It's the first time in a while that I got legit terrified while playing an indie horror game. I couldn't believe that you made this in just 10 days aaaaaaa. When it ended, I wanted to see a full game made! I'll be staying tuned to you, in case you release more games. I also made a 3 Indie Horror Games YT video, with your game being the highlight! I want more of your horror games!


Hello! I made a playthrough of your game :> I enjoyed it, although I wish that it would've been more interactive. Anyway, it's a great game, since it got me scared :>

It's a fun little horror game based from Half-Life! I didn't expect much, to be honest, but it actually scared me! All in all, I liked the game. Here's a short video of my playthrough!

I loved the subtle horror aspects at the beginning of the game! I hope you continue developing this! I'd love to play an updated version :> Here's my play through :>

This is by far the most polished Siren Head game I've seen! It's a great game :> Reminds me of the Slender games. I really like how there's a limit to the sprinting too! Here's episode 1 (Took a while to find everything) of my playthrough!