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Oh, you're right about the lewd stance; I don't know how I forgot about the enemies that don't give LP. My memory is super bad, but I think there was a boss that gave little to no LP, which I -did- use the lewd stance for.

I really like the idea of being able to upgrade outfits! I love different option for clothes in games, but it's not too common because of the amount of work it takes.

Thanks for the quick reply, and good luck with the next version of the game! I'll be looking forward to it. ^-^

Hi! I normally don't make accounts on sites, but I loved this game so much I just had to give my feedback!

Gameplay-wise, I think it's super fun. It's an easy game to pick up, and it doesn't feel like I have to grind for EXP, which I really like. I know there's been a bit of discussion about the difficulty, which I'd like to talk about, too.  I've found the game easy with zero grinding regardless of encounter rate, but my boyfriend has found it a bit difficult. I noticed that the difference between our playstyles was his lack of the defensive stance. I think the defensive stance is really powerful with the double regeneration and defense bonuses. I tended to heal back more damage than I took, and I could farm LP to use to heal.

The traps, especially the ones near the end that give a lot of LP, also make it super easy to heal up. Maybe there could be a downside to them, or limit the uses of heal similarly to lust? LP in general is a mechanic I think has more potential, and I really like the innovative idea of LP management. I also find that late-game, the in-battle removal of clothes helps as well, since it lets you spend 30 LP without using up a turn.

About stances: I primarily use the defensive stance, using the offensive stance when I'm at high HP. I haven't found much use for the default or lewd stance, especially in boss battles. Because of the variety of stat-changing moves (Yell, Uppercut, Taunt), the defensive stance is a necessity. I tend to play in a specialist-style in games, so I imagine the default stance will be nice for people who are generalists, but I can't imagine much uses for the lewd stance.

About the moves: this might be a bit long, so I'll split this part up.

  • First Aid - a must-have for early-game, when you don't yet have regen, and useful in boss battles too; I think it's well-balanced
  • Yell - I love to use this for boss battles, and while I'm not quite sure if the defense drop is actually worth it after a bit of testing, I like it anyways. Strangely, it doesn't seem to suffer an attack penalty from the sticky debuff, while heavy kick drops to half damage.
  • Uppercut - about the same as Yell, but requiring HP instead of LP is a nice twist to make it more risky
  • Taunt - I like how Taunt doesn't do any damage, which I think helps balance it in a game where you can out-last about anything with defensive stance and regen; feels well-balanced
  • Heavy Kick - this is my go-to attack for offensive stance, since I have a bad habit of really disliking using consumables like weapons
  • Heat - I think this, along with Taunt, are quite powerful for a possibly unintended reason: late-game, the enemies give so much LP that it might become a problem, but these two moves make it a minor concern; with how LP currently is, I feel like they should be weaker, but that might not be the right way to solve the problem
  • Tackle - after only one turn, Tackle seems to do more damage than Heavy Kick, but because Tackle only resets the continuous damage rather than stacking over it, I think it's balanced

About the music and art: I was fairly neutral to the battle music until I stopped to listen to it fully, and heard the fast piano a few minutes in. I think that part is super nice, and I wish there was more background music in the game. The art is super cute, and I love cute things! I hope there are going to be some cute outfits in the future, too.

The last thing I wanted to add was some personal ideas for the issues I addressed. To make traps a detriment rather than a help, I think they should have a longer-term debuff, similar to what you've added. However, it isn't much of a concern for the player to clean themselves up with LP, so you could -possibly- limit that to using Water? That might make things a bit difficult, though. Another option could be for Dress to take up a turn, and be the only option for clothing rather than using Heal.

A potential buff for the lewd stance is causing it to increase the enemy LP slightly too, but I'm not sure how big of an effect that has, and it loses its value after the player gains Taunt. If you feel like buffing the offensive stance, I think later enemies should increase their stats occasionally, similar to the crystal enemy. It really encourages ending the battle quickly before they can gain too much buffs.

Sorry for writing so much, but again, this is one of my most favorite games ever! Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to make this game. ^-^