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I just create an account on Itch to  make this comment !

I love how I manage to see all the spirits of a passionate indee creator on one demo. The characters are loveable , Tetra and Bella make me smile more than ounce , the little smug faces were really funny too. The music was of course great , you work with 2 of my favorite remix creator. The idea of the suit was really cool, make it a bit open world and fast. I actually like the graphics too, even if it can be too much retro for some people aha. But what really make me love with this game, it's the combat. I really like a based turn combat, but it can be a bit redundant in some rpg, you make them really special and more enjoyable with some fight that was longest than some classic RPG's, but rarest with different type of ennemies with their special patterns. And it work, I was really attached to this type of combat and never feel like it can be boring, so I hope It will not be a classic ''fight every 10 seconds and hit run away cause the animations are too long ''. And of course, the splendid Action Battle with dodge and shield block. I was hoping to see someone make a game like this, I remeber when I play Mario and Luigi Bowser inside Story, I found the gameplay just perfect. And you take some of that and make it in your own style.

It was a fun and good hour with this game ! I hope you the best, and would be more than happy to pay to play this game in the future. Keep up the good work !