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Oh thank you very much!! It would be so nice! :) 

I mean to use a hotkey to roll the dice. (For example, if I press ctrl+2,  I can roll one specific dice without using mouse). Yeah, I watched the full video but I don't remember if this is explained.

Thanksfor your answers! I recommend your app to everyone!! xD

HI! Sorry for bothering you again (v_v). Is there any way to throw the dice with a macros? Just curiosity. 

Thank You!!

Thank you very much!! I appreciate your videos explaining the tool. That's really nice.

Hi! I saw the new improvement of the set values. I just dont know how to apply this values to a bag! (or to anything). For example, I have a bag created for every character (everyone has his own values for the game, ex: Barbarian has +3 str but Bard has -1). So I did that set values. How can I do that? (or I misunderstood the working of this tool). ç

Thank you and really good job with your app! It's fantastic!