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I can't play well with the arrow keys and would prefer WASD

what browser are you using? I doubt it but it could be because of the browser

also why not make a visual novel about 3 ways to clean sponges

I would happily trade ideas

Random WikiHow Jam community · Created a new topic Umm...

can I get a different one?

You don't need a zip file extractor this game is windows. Windows comes with the ability to unzip files

Do you have a windows computer?

there isnt a mac version

No there is no mac version

that is windows not mac

No it isn't why is it on a tablet it is only available on PC

No and you shouldn't get a mac they are much less powerful and much more expensive than PCs

you can't play any games on chromebook. This is a Windows game.

you shouldn't need winrar. It is a zip file. Basically all computers can unzip them.

Apple is garbage and most games aren't on it. If you buy Apple products don't expect to be able to play most games. 

It is their game don't tell them what to do. They can do what ever they want.

What does it say?

it is portuguese for leave a like and subscribe at least that is what google translate said

do you know how to reply you can just press a button under someones comment

good game so far although you should add more weapons and add ways to beat levels and a story

how are there so many idiots who dont know how to unzip a file it is so easy

you should have shot him


wait a second so one of the enemy textures a blob fish so adorable

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not at all the browser has worse performance and more lag than downloading also might as well add options why have restrictions that force you to play in the browser

Reminds me of halo wars which I loved playing so it was really fun. My only complaint is that there aren't enough troops and vehicles. I love this type of game excellent work with it.

no I haven't even watched that show yet

 this is an amazing game one bug I noticed is that with Enyra with the dragon wings you can get a shield but other than that amazing game

game of the yea