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Nice little lie you put out there!
Sound, Art and Dersign, everything was well done :)

Very nice idea :)
This game reminds me of the Stanleys Parable, which I enjoyed a lot.

The Graphics are really good.

I would have preffered movement with the arrow keys or with wasd becouse the click to move sometimes let me run into the walls and you havew to turn arround and click aggain to get way.

Besides this, very good job :D

Fun Idea, a little but also a little bit frustrationg when all the bugs came together ;D

I reallyl like the aesthetic of the game. Simple but yet powerfull.

One thing you can improive is that I sometimes couldn't read the text because it was white and the hazards on the ground wehre white aswell.

Nice little memory game :)
After some time it gets very repetitive but I really enjoyed playing it.

Thanks Timbelion

Thank you very much :)

Nice athmosphere. 

Sadly I didn't manage do beat the boss ^^

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Very creative and I love the athmosphere you created in this game.

Good Job! :)

I have the feeling, that the coinflip wasn't fair ;D

Its definitly a very hard Platform even harder than mine haha xD

It takes some time to get used to one control sheme and then the games says "NOPE" and you have to learn a new one, ver difficult :p

The Wall jump feels quiet nice :D

I love the Roboter design :D
It takes some time to get used to the controll but I guess that was the idea behind this choice.

The music fits the slow paced game style perfectly but I wish I had found Bill.

I bet there is no bill :p

Damnit Gary what have you done. If I jsut knew how buff he is beforehand :D

Nice game idea :)

I really enyoed the art and your implementation of the theme.

Good Job :)

Ohh poor billy ^^
I think the character is looking cute :D

I like the graphic and the idea.

it and it was quiet intresting how often I followed the command even though I knew that I should do the opposite^^

One sugestion from me would to add an idle animation for the character the next tim, becouse its looking like he's always running.

Good job on the game! :)

Well this is something new :D
I really like the soundeffects, makes me remeber the good old days haha.

I like the idea and the visuals. The music is fitting also really nice. 

The only thing that bothered me a little was , that I had to restart, as soon as I made a mistake with the boxes or the ball.

Anyways, good job :D

That was a nice idea. Great implementation of the topic :)

Very nice game. I love the visuals! :)
I had some problems with the titanic level and it was a little bit frustrating to start over again avery single time, but besides this, the game was really nice.

Well done :D

Hehe thank you :)
Yeah the difficulty was the main idea how to fit this game jams theme ^^
But its really hard to balance a game corectly if you dont have time to let someone playtest the game ;D

Haha thank you :D

Thanks :)
Yeah I seee, sadly I had no time to let someone playtest the game and since the dificulty should be the main gameplay elment it was pretty difficult to balance it corretly.

Thanks you :D

Thank you for the feedback :)

Do I understand you rigth, that you would like to have some more introduction to the game mechanics?

Thank you for the feedback :)
I have a question.. I can't play your game, did you remove it?

I like the idea as well as the art style of your game :)

The music was a little bit repetitiv though.

Overall you did a good job, But the Key bindings where a little bit unusual.

I really like the art of the game as well as the story :)

But the pace of the game was a litle bit to slow... getting the one 100 points was taking too long and not challenging enough, so I would make the first part of the game more interesting or shorter. Figthing the pig pick was nice though :D

I really like the art of the game as well as the story :)

But the pace of the game was a litle bit to slow... getting the one 100 points was taking too long and not challenging enough, so I would make the first part of the game more interesting or shorter. Figthing the pig pick was nice though :D

I really like the graphics of the game. But its a little buggy.

One advice I have for you is to not use the "z" or "y" key becouse on a german keyboard they are switched and that makes the game much harder to play :)

Hehe I like the ideas that you had. You got me with every single level :D
More levels would be nice but I know that its always difficult with the limited time.

Good job!


Thank you for your Feedback :)
there where some people who would love to have the inversed movement system, I actually nerver thought about it but its very intersting that this is quite a thing.  I migth implement this in an update now :D

hey I had quite some fun playing the game, but the boss was a little bit to difficult for me. I was spending all the time trying to survive the little minions and had no time to fight the boss. 

One thing that could improve the game play would be when the collectables dropped by the minions would stay at the place they appear. More often then not I wasn't able to get them, because they  appeared in a horde of opponents and fell of the stage before I had the chance to reach them.

Keep up the good work :)

Well at first it was a very relaxing game, that got quite difficult at the end. Got to admit the the 8th level was a bit frustrating for me :p

Overall a very nice and creative game :)

Thank you for your feedback.

Yes I have already played your game :)

Hey, for your first game this look pretty good! And its an interesting idea, too zoom out when moving faster. After I cleared the first Level the game tried to generate a new one and crushed. you might want to look at this.

Keep up the good work and your games will become better and better! :)

I like the concept of the game, that you are building stationary defense, but also got to control some of your towers.  When I understood the mechanics the I was able to build a really strong defense :D

A small popup over the icons of the towers would be nice, so one can see how much it costs :)

Thank you for your feedback :)

Thank you for your feedback. I gonna keep your tips in mind, to integrate them in the final version :)

Thanks for your feedback :)