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youtherthyf productions

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this demo is fun ,has enough content for it's length ,the upgrading method is new and enemies are well designed specially the boss 

problems :

the map doesn't show the door location which is annoying when two rooms are next to each other without a door 

their is no way of knowing if my equipped weapon if weaker or stronger than the weapon in the shop (coloring the numbers or putting an arrow next to them will solve the problem)

if the melee weapon in the upgrade menu  is on the left ,why is it's crystal displayed on the right (same with ranged weapons)

the game needs music (even a simple 8-bit them will work)

why do i lose my crystal charge on switch

and side problem : the quit button on the game over menu doesn't work

it is simple 

but pretty polished and fun 

keep on keeping on


the drop frame 

this game is fun 

expiate for the part where i dropped throw the ground i was like "what , why , wtf " 

OMG i my eyes are full of tears 

you are welcomed