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Looking at the walkthrough, when the user clicks on the 'jar full of pills' for the second time, I noticed that they got a different line saying: "It's a big jar filled with whitish pills... they look similar to something else I've already seen.", in which I don't get so I assumed you edited the dialogue and I went straight to room 117 to collect the naphthalene pills.

Again, the user gets the additional line: "These pills are oddly similar enough to Rohypnol ones. Let's take them." where they can retrieve it while I cannot do any of this. It seems I am unable to progress in the game. 

Overall, no worries! I have enjoyed the game so far. Keep it up!

Mhm. I followed all of those steps, yet I still can't attain them for some reason. Is it a bug?

I can't seem to retrieve the naphthalene pills like in the walkthrough down below. Have I missed a step? I'm very confused.

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It didn't take me long to finish all the chapters that have been posted so far, that's for sure. I can't wait for updates in the future too. Everything is so well written, and I love the features on the side that accompany it. I'm so thankful for finding this. Keep it up!

Everything about this was beautiful, and the audio really tied it together. Well done to all who took part!