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You Be Strong

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I'm very glad you enjoyed it. Sorry for the late response.

I would have loved to include algebra! I really only have the arithmetic question system written down so far though. It probably wouldn't take that long except probably adjusting the difficulties for them.

Hey! Thanks for playing. :)

Sorry about the mental math, though it would essential mostly be that even with what I have planned for a small update haha. I'm glad to hear you find the background cute! I was actually wondering if I should keep that style for other backgrounds.

Thank you! I was hoping to include different arithmetic functions but was running short on time.  I'll try to add at least that this week.

Ahah, that's alright, and thank you! I was thinking that some questions would get tough enough that using a calculator on side would be suggested. So definitely not cheating. :)

I completely agree with idea of attaching a simple story to it if I were to expand it. I actually had a longer title in mind that would've have implied the possible story.

Thank you! I'll be sure to include a guide or tutorial if I do expand it more.