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You Be Strong

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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it and found it funny! :)

Good job on your submission! I love the use of the theme. The difficulty is nice the only part I found a bit frustrating was hitting the ceiling made some of the jumps more difficult than expected. Not even the dangerous ones, the ones where you're only trying to fit between two tiles. Maybe adding a very small fraction of time where you don't instantly fall back down after hitting the ceiling would be nice.

I'm very glad you enjoyed it. Sorry for the late response.

I would have loved to include algebra! I really only have the arithmetic question system written down so far though. It probably wouldn't take that long except probably adjusting the difficulties for them.

Hey! Thanks for playing. :)

Sorry about the mental math, though it would essential mostly be that even with what I have planned for a small update haha. I'm glad to hear you find the background cute! I was actually wondering if I should keep that style for other backgrounds.

Thank you! I was hoping to include different arithmetic functions but was running short on time.  I'll try to add at least that this week.

Ahah, that's alright, and thank you! I was thinking that some questions would get tough enough that using a calculator on side would be suggested. So definitely not cheating. :)

I completely agree with idea of attaching a simple story to it if I were to expand it. I actually had a longer title in mind that would've have implied the possible story.

Thank you! I'll be sure to include a guide or tutorial if I do expand it more.