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The art is really beautiful and the story is intriguing, but there were some "anime" tropes that made me really uncomfortable, for example like every merchant in town assumes you're a couple, if you decide to help a character with opposite gender and we are suddenly brothers and not a couple when we are both male?The bath scene was a big nope for me xD like our F!MC screeches pervert, when we are walked in on them? Or our M!MC suddeny activates creepy mode or how you can't calmly explain it was an accident. Other than that i would definitely enjoy learning more about these characters. Best of luck and inspiration to you! <3

I enjoyed the game immensely, thank you for such a hard work!My only question about CGs, i unlocked 2 for each character but there seems to be 3 per character? Or are they not in the game yet?

My favorites are Sergio, Eira(Gosh i loved this character), Clement(I was so paranoid during his route though) and Ophelia. Mateo fucked me up, not gonna replay his route, no thanks. xD

Really beautiful art style and I love myself some nice murder mystery. And I love all these awasome characters, my favorites are defenetly Finn,Piper and August. The only thing that put me off is the MC, they feel kinda typical otome protagonist with their blushiness and uselessness, they felt more like a novice Hunter, than an experienesed one. Defenetly looking forvart to full relese and with you luck.