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Great Game, and even better comment section!

This is a really cool mechanic and it's fun to play with. I only wish there were more levels.

The Shooting and movement go well together and feel very natural after only playing a wave or two.   It's also pretty challenging, I could only made it to stage 8 before getting swarmed away from the health pickups. The resource bar looks cool but it's hard to tell how much I have left and how much each shot take away.

Great Game!  The knife throwing mechanic is fun to use and the bouncing adds a lot of variation to how you attack. The art is really well done (I lost my shit when I saw the cute little Naruto run). That being said, Aiming with WASD is a bit difficult and It would be nice to see what direction the knife is going to go in before it's already thrown. Overall tho, this is a great Game Jam game.