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A member registered Oct 30, 2016

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Posted in Bug reports

Hmm, though I believe this is a bit of a problem revolving around player collision with both the nets and the water... Basically when you stand over certain spots on the net, you end up getting fatigue despite the fact that you're not really swimming. While it's not such a major problem, it does get a bit er... Strenious when you have a big row of nets and are trying to get stuff without drowning yourself by accident.

Created a new topic Character Gender?

Hmm, just out of curiousity, does the character you play as have a designated gender? Or are they just an androgenous person with a strangely lemming like voice? xD (I mean, I suppose it does seem like the character model and such leans more towards the female end of the spectrum, but eh)

Posted in Bug reports

Not sure if the bug is still present, but upon breaking a board the shark is chewing on, the shark will remain stuck in its "chomping" animation. I have unfortunately yet to be able to get close enough to the shark to see if I can fix this VIA a stab or two.

Posted in Cozy comments

Interesting play on the ambience >.< it certainly leaves one with many doubts, and even uncertainties in many places. All in all, great job! Though I'd love to see a more expanded on version thing, or at least know more about the story behind the game!

Posted in Raft comments

So, I appear to have discovered an... Interesting bug in the game, mostly by accident. Basically I was chopping off part of my raft, trying to make some er... Renovations, and it just so happens that the shark leapt onto that particular section and started chomping away. Of course, I didn't stop since I figured in less than a second, when the section broke, the shark would fall back into the water and mind its own business. Well... I was half right; the shark fell back into the water, sure, but it kept going as if it was still eating my raft, evidently broken.

Eventually I swam out to sea to try and fix this bug by stabbing the shark which should eventually fix the animation on its own. Unfortunately, I just tired out and drowned, but yeah, minor thing that might need some patching.

Hmm, the game appears not to be able to connect with reddit anymore... If this isn't just something related to Unity being weird on my end, then well, I guess reddit must have changed something related to their urls.

Posted in Bugs

So, when you cure Chester from that curse, he still goes on about eating folks for money. Not sure if this is strictly something that happens if you are out of money. Not sure if these feature(s) were intentional, but I'd consider this a bug.