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Thanks for playing! Yes, I think I saw that bug when I was playtesting earlier. I'll see if I can squash it. If it's the same one I noticed, it does go away when you revisit the store.

Thanks! Leveling up always seems to add another layer to games.

Yeah, I was planning to have a more interactive tutorial where each object was called out in the tutorial, but I ran out of time. Thanks for the feedback and playing!!!

Thanks! It was fun to make.

Thanks for the feedback! There is a color difference between the rolling snowballs and the ground, but I guess it's not sufficient. I'll tweak it. Thanks for playing!!!

Really fun game. The graphics are very cute, loved the story, and the two mechanics work well together. The game was a bit laggy through the browser, though.

Yeah, I hear you :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the useful feedback! Yeah, I probably went a bit overboard on the levels. I ended up making enough levels to tell the story, but I also found it a bit long.

I did have another concept I wanted to add where you rescue people stuck on the moon before destroying it. The goal would have been to avoid destroying the people blocks until they were on the outside of the moon so they could be rescued. But I ended up shelving it since the AI solver became too complex.

Thanks! This one came together more quickly than I expected. Except for the writing. Writing never comes together quickly.

Thanks for the feedback! This was a fun jam. Got my creative juices going again.

Very cute!

Thanks! It's funny that you say that because originally, the game worked by only shooting the edges of the moon. When you moved, the laser would point at the exterior block that was closest to the pointer.  Changing it to allow firing anywhere on the moon increased the possibilities (and difficulty of the computer solver) but was somehow more satisfying. I did think of it as 2d flat space originally, though :)

Thanks for the feedback!

That's my strategy as well! But it can be solved with human strategy (or a dumb computer with a lot of time--see the solver code: