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Just to let people know, this is one of my games with the least replay value.

This game hogs a lot of memory, likely due to its assets. I tried making a variant where some of the assets are compressed, but it did very little  to mitigate the issue.

The game can run on 2 of my Windows PC's. Do my other Game Maker games work on your PC?

Yeah, this is mostly just a side game, but without any actual gameplay.

I love seeing girls sit on the toilet

The code would need a large overhaul for compatibility with Studio versions of Game Maker, as most of my games are created with "Treat Uninitialized Variables as Value 0" in mind, an option that was removed for good reason.

Better question: Why are all the characters Rolls?

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I wanted to reinstall the APK on my Android phone, but for whatever reason it flat out refuses to install anymore. Even after restarting the device multiple times the installation invariably fails. This issue wasn't apparent with the smaller games I made for Android, or a Test Build from earlier in development.

Edit: After so many attempts the APK finally installed on a rare occasion.

I've tested the PC version on 2 different PC's; one running Windows 7, the other running Windows 8.1. I recently issued a tiny update for the PC version that fixes a coding mistake I made with the pause screen.

GMS2 seems to be inconsistent at successfully compiling APK's. Sometimes it fails for no apparent reason. I shall try the APK I compiled for the game's release on my Moto G Fast.

Thank you for creating this example! I absolutely needed something like this for my games when I make them in Studio versions of Game Maker, since game_save and game_load functions are obsolete in a sense.