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So I was attempting to recreate PS1 graphics in GMS2 (given a library I found on the marketplace) and I've come up with this. What do you all think of it so far?

I know it isn't much to go by so far, but you get the idea, hopefully.
It's no-anti-aliasing, 320x240, and textures are all 8 bit. Models are also primitive and low poly. (As shown so far, cubes and prisms. :P)

Now the full game will take a while to make, but keep in mind that even because it's for a jam, there are going to be a lot of placeholders and unfinished / unpolished elements. In fact, the "あ" cube you see in the first and second image is the current placeholder for a player model.

Anyway, it's been fun working on it so far and I hope you can all enjoy it when it's done! <3

Ah, sorry- I missed that. Thanks!

Emulated Dreams community · Created a new topic 2D allowed?

Are 2D games allowed?

Congratz! You won first place!

Is a title screen possible with the engine? Like lock the player's movement and rotation and just have GUI element states where if in state 0 it will show the title screen but in state 1 it will show the GUI when playing?


Where's the game files? If they aren't posted the submission will be deleted.

Bug fixing and further releases (Such as including more target platforms) is allowed.

This is really cool! Do you think you could make a Visual Studio solution for people who want to get working with it quicker?

Please release the game files to ensure it is within 1.44MB.

The game is 15 MB which is over the limit. This game is disqualified for Floppy Jam.

Please include the game files

Please include the game files.


Please provide the game files to ensure it is sub 1.44MB

Usually I wouldn't allow compression like this but I think it deserves to be passed. Great job. <3

This is one of the few projects I actually see and want finished! You should put the source on GitHub and make the engine MIT.

Eh- nevermind. I should just make the rules clearer next jam. You can keep your submission.

This is amazing! So far my favorite entry.

After it goes to 1x1 it crashes though.

Windows 10. And I mean it goes to a resolution of one character by one character.

Remember to keep the executable under 1.44MB

It must be wrapped or compiled to a Windows executable.


700kb? That seems small enough to run game code beside it.
 You could also write your own audio buffer system which is (relatively) easy in C++ if you just do something for single voice tones. Like something where you just go "AudioGenLib::GenSine(hertz, volume, duration);".
This could help you in writing that.

It crashes after changing the character resolution of the window to 1x1