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It's not a children's game...

the immersion of this game is incredible, the despair of having to type and at the same time running away from something makes me keep playing to see what happens, apart from that this furry animal is terrifying, one of the best indie horror games, without a doubt

i don't understand, but here's the gameplay

i really liked the graphics and the immersion, although I didn't understand the story very well, good game

the graphics are very beautiful, I wish there was a bigger version with an interesting lore :/

I didn't understand the lore very well, but I liked the graphic, it would be nice to know what that bunch of fungus is


cool graphics, and the scare reminded me of that old maze game

by far one of the best I've ever played, amazing gameplay, reminded me of deadly games, perfect job

nice game, I just thought there was a lot of unnecessary gor3, but nice game

i thought it could have a better script, but the game itself is good, great graphics and gameplay and I liked that we can take the glass and leave the fridge open

I really liked the graphics but I didn't understand anything, anyway, good game

I really liked the game, I thought the setting was very good and different, it would be nice to see more of this

I really liked this game, I even made a theory and I think it has several presentations

I liked it a lot, I was sad for the boy and quite sick at times

I wanted more of this :(

cool game, I really liked the chicken

it's a good game, i think the animations got tiring after a while, but that's the least

i liked the game, a tip is you don't leave the alley so much when walking, it gets tiring, the pixelated graphics are cool, but they crashed a little :( keep working and it will work

i really liked this game, the ambience and the soundtrack are very good, i really liked the graphics, good job

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the endings were hard to do but it was worth it, it's a very smooth game

very funny lol

I really liked this game, especially the gameplay and atmosphere, but I think the time intervals to wait for the bus should be shorter, it made the game boring at a certain point

i didn't understand anything, I just found the mouse very strange and I liked her reactions a little, I believe that if I think about it I'll come up with a cool theory, anyway, here's the gameplay

the mechanics of the game is very different and I liked that, in addition to having a very good horror environment and some easter eggs (like the scarecrow and the visions) the plot twist was predictable for me, but very good, and has a lot of symbolism, cried a very good theory with this

the game never gets boring, it has a hint of comedy and allows us to walk through a wide open map with a story that gets better with each store, I liked the graphics, very good

I really liked the sound effects, the ambience, the graphics and so on. I still think the story lacked a little coherence, I created my own theory and it made a bit of sense, however, if anyone wants to know the story of the game, they'll have to think a lot

eu morri por dentro varias vezes, mas passo bem
I died inside several times, but I'm fine