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This game is beautiful, the atmosphere is great and building up the suspense is great and rarely seen by these days overall great job!

This game is good because you don't know what to expect what will happen next. by the way i love the song "La vie en rose" it is a nice touch when you enter the  balcony. 

You're welcome :) and thank you for making this amazing game!

Midnight Scenes Episode Two has a great story and you should play it! once again you did an amazing job creating this game, I can't  wait for the next episode!

You're welcome :D

You're welcome! :) You all did a great job on making this game! :D

Awesome game! love the story and the artstyle and the combat mechanic was good! Can't wait for the full game to come out! 

It is very good! Can't wait for the full game :)

It is very heartwarming and i love the artstyle of the game, keep up the good work! :)  

It is very relaxing, the music was good, i love the artstyle of the game. Worth playing! 

I love the art style of the game and the worth playing! 

Great demo, Can't wait for the full game! 

Another Great game, I really like the artstyle and puzzle of the game, can't wait for your next great game! :) 

Nice game, nice concept and i enjoy game. I would like to play more of this type of game. You did a great job!