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Wow!  that was incredibly polished,  great work with the animations and use of the theme! 

thanks for playing!  The footprint bug and a few others ended up being caused by not locking player movement before the next scene was fully loaded *woops*  the bug has been fixed and shortly after voting is over I will be uploading a new version that fixes it!

nice concept, I had fun trying to get the most points possible for each star system!


wow! the art and music are really great, I kept finding myself jumping in time with the music just to have that sound match as it was super enjoyable to the ears xd.  Really unique project and great execution of ideas!


wow! your use of a limited pallet was super impressive.  I really love the RoboCop vibes with the mech and title menu!

Thank you for the kind words!  I agree a minimap or some form of way to be able to know where you are heading would be helpful and would like to add something when updating.

The art in this is great!  I really love the use of color and the intro was really nice!  I was only able to play part of the first mini-game due to my keyboard not having traditional arrow keys and no way to rebind but I really enjoyed the bit I was able to play!

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Thanks for playing and thank you for the feedback!  I have an idea of adding either a GPS or map system when I work on the update but  have yet to fully commit to what idea I want to go with.

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DOS games were great even better once Shell was introduced to make it easier to navigate,  The shareware era of having a boot drive full of iD software games ( I think at the time called Apogee? its been a long while )  like Commander keen was golden!   

Really great work, I love the visuals. I always enjoy a good shmup and mix that with an upgrade system and it becomes a really amazing mix!

Thank you for the kind words! I am glad you enjoyed playing it and I look forward to pushing a small update after the jam voting is over :)

great work making a Metroidvania in the jam window,  the controls felt great and the art was really cool!

very simple but also very fun! I found myself playing multiple rounds trying to see how far I could get. Really great work and love the art!

Love the visuals and great work with using a limited palette, the music was very fitting with the theme of the game.  Apple ftw

Loved the visuals of this game and really unique idea!  Now I really want some mochi!

Building the different robots was fun,  I could not make it very far due to not having arrow keys on my keyboard ( have to use function sets to simulate an arrow press ) but I really enjoyed the look of the game!

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as a side note, the music is from and is royalty-free, I ran out of time to make music for the game. there should be a reference in the credits to the website, great resource for video game audio.

Thank you!

the text of the people is very amusing, love the color palette and the dueling mechanic 

It's a duck!  great use of the color wild card!

This would make an amazing mechanic in an MMO, feels like it would fit into something like RuneScape, and add a really nice level of polish to the crafting, unique and fun!

I loved your use of the four colors, the pallet was really pleasing and the clouds were super cool, along with fun and challenging gameplay!


Thanks for playing! 
Thanks as well for letting me know about the bug,  going to make sure to add a fix to that the next time I update the project!

Thank you!  

very fun and love the visuals!  I love the idea of combining elements together, some of my favorite games follow that as the main gameplay loop and it works so well!

Thank You!

this game feels great to play, the audio and graphics really give a high impact to the actions!

A really unique experience, I really enjoyed it. I  love how well everything stands out from the black around it.  Its visually very pleasing stepping back and looking at the tangle of nodes connected 

this is a really fun idea and really enjoyed the music as well as the cut scene art 

your title screen is very nice looking,  I really love that background 

I was not able to boot up the game for some reason it kept launching steamvr and if I closed steamvr it would close the application 

nice concept of using time to phase, could be helpful to add a indication that the player is currently phased in/ out   I had a hard time knowing until I would see a transparent object

thanks for playing! 

I loved your time mechanic, was fun to dodge around things with brief moments of frozen time

thank you!

thanks for playing!  and thank you so much for the input,  I knew something strange was happening with them but this helps me get to the source of the problem way faster.   

the atom smasher requires 2 grave and 2 rose ore to repair, from there you smash any ores given into the smasher and it takes 3 each of rose/grey to activate the crafting bench. once the bench is active it shows your current smashed atoms on the top of the crafting window.  
 I struggled to find a way to  let the player know how much raw ore they had without adding a UI to the hub. 

 when interacting with the crafting/atom if you do not have enough it should have shown what you need,  unsure as to why it did not trigger, sorry it was a struggle, but thank you for playing and for the feedback.  

Once the jam period is over, I will make sure to update the project to better show the player their resources