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Appleseed Smoothie

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Thanks for playing the game! And that cannon ball explosion was most likely the kraken glitching, I hadn't set up the delta time properly which meant fire rate of enemies was faster than I'd anticipation

Awesome game! I feel you could've shown off the mechanics of the Garys in one or two levels and used the other levels for creating more complex puzzles as there's a lot of potential with the idea. But it was really fun and beautiful

Really fun game, loved the graphics and the neat eating/movement controls. Very relaxing

Had an absolute blast playing this game and a lot of chuckles, would be even funnier with someone to play with. Also good work on making enjoyable AI to battle. Being in a mosh pit of 6 chickens chopping and shooting was incredibly fun and hilarous

Really fun game, looks really nice too. The concept was interesting and you executed it perfectly. Didn't have a lot of issues, imma assume you patched the double jump glitch that other people are talking about because it was fine for me. Other than that, great job!

Who thought slapping people could be so fun. I didn't really understand what the colours meant and gates didn't have any colliders so could just be walked through without even opening. There also wasn't much of a strategy when fighting, it was just approach and slap and hope that they don't slap back

Loved the game and the sound effects, it was a bit difficult to begin with but as you learnt where specific fish can be found it created an interesting strategy. I'd also found a bug where you can spam click in a specific spot and farm a lot of fish from the pond area so that helped haha

A fun idle game, my plant eventually just turned into a cone

Really interesting mechanic, loved it! I had to replay the tentacle chase scene because I ended up flying all the way to the end when a box started propelling me haha. Nice work anyway

Had a lot of fun playing, bosses were always unique and interesting and a neat idea. The mutation concept maybe could've been taken further with different mutations being introduced but it fit the theme well

Would've been nice to have a bit of prep time, also having a wider view range to see threats. Otherwise it was an fun concept with a lot of potential

I don't understand... too dark you can barely see, you can't answer the monolith cause you can't use your mouse anyway possible and you can't fire your gun even if you have ammo (besides 1 shot isn't even enough)

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Whats a London Dare?

Also the background sound of the train is supposed to be quiet so don't go turning up ye volume