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Great pixel graphics, and animations are seamless. I really, really love the pixel art.

The only thing; The keybinds are too multifunctional, it's hard to remember that the same key does multiple stuff. 

It's also kind of awkward and hand placement is also weird since the interact key is Z. But also, to roll is also Z... there are times where I wanted to pick something up but rolled away instead. And, to open the inventory and settings is SPACEBAR. To click is Z. To exit/cancel is CTRL.

C = attack, CTRL+C = second attack, Hold CTRL+C = build up attack.

 Also, those who are impaired may be able easily use these keys. E.g. Hold Ctrl+C, I had a hard time with this, pressing it multiple times and connecting combos since my hand lacks some mobility when it is in a 'claw' and my middle finger has pain when it's in a claw for too long.

There is the whole keyboard, but the keybinds are only in the bottom quarter. Pls, if you do not wish to change it, let us re-bind the keys.

If rebinding keys is implemented, I would rebind them for a more organic hand placement (QWER for attacks, F to interact, SPACEBAR to roll, ESC for settings). Yes, it's generic but it works. And, to newcomers it's familiar, so that won't be a barrier for those wanting to try your game - and keep playing it. It really has a lot of potential. Can't wait to see where it goes!