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This game has absolutely amazing graphics and sound design. While it's only a demo, and there will obviously be a few bugs, it is very well made. The design of the neon lights while walking around, the rain, the interesting design of the background all play into a nice gaming experience with very pleasant vibes. You play as a robot that wakes up from a void of sorts. You're job is to deliver a package to someone you don't have an address or name for. It's very exploration based, so if you like that kind of thing I highly recommend this. I enjoy talking to the NPCs, if their chat is a bit slow. You get the option to actually speak back to them and hold a conversation, which not many games do anymore. This definitely doesn't have a silent main character. 

Again, this is only the demo, and the finished game will be improved upon and more features will be added! It's very good, go try it for yourself!

This was a really touching and beautiful story. The soundtrack was amazing, and the simple design was really nice. I liked how the background changed as you kept going back. This was just a stunning creation!

I loved all of these songs, but Retrograde was probably my favorite. Just AAAA your music is so good!

Absolutely stunning

Very nice game. It had a really nice color scheme, but it would be nice to be able to look in different directions.