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hey I rly love playing ur game it's fun as hell not just the lewd parts everything about it is fun but I can only play it on browser could you guys pleeeaase consider a mac version I rly want to download it I love the game a lot and would like to play it downloaded thanks

I rly like this game keep it up guys I actually enjoy it a lot ur all doing a great job and I can't wait for the next update

yes I tried it thanks love the game so far keep it up guys

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I've been following this game since the begining of it and I love it not just bcs of the porn and stuff it has a good story and it's fun but when I play the game here it work's for like 30 mins and then it crashes and I play it here on the site bcs I've got a mac and there isn't a mac version I'd love one could you guys please consider makeing one bcs I rly want to play this game thx love the game keep it up