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Windows machine. No problem at all playing flight and strangers. But little bouncing ball constantly freezes at the point the bats come out - every time.

I got this game through the recent Racial Justice and Equality bundle. The game was randomly chosen of all my games I've not beaten, and I knew nothing about the game.

After Episode 0, I was hooked. I just finished Episode 3 and now can't wait for Episode 4. The game's storyline kept me interested and the gameplay kept me engaged. The game has a perfect mix of puzzles and realtime challenges to keep both types of players happy, with dialogue choices to mix up the conversations.

I expected to find some hidden gems in this bundle. I didn't expect to find it on the second game I played.

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Got a link to those Google Sheets? Was going to start one myself, but will gladly take one that's already done.

Edit: Saw one down the thread. Here's a link: