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Yasser Katib

A member registered Dec 27, 2017

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Loved the game. It was very heartwarming :)


For me, after getting all the endings I thought for sure this game has to be about depression. How you try to get rid of it but it's always in the back of your head. You try so hard to push away but it tells you that you need it to survive. But the harder you push away the better it gets. Although you may just want to surrender and give in to the fight if you keep going it's bound to get better. No one else can see the fight, just as her friend couldn't see the man/woman in the picture, but our brain convinced us that it's been there for years.

I think this game overall is just amazing. In fact, all your games are eye opening and make me reflect with every ending. 

I saw the TW and thought "nah ill be fine". Wow was I wrong. This game had such an emotional impact. But in an amazing way. [Spoilers here on out] The way May spoke. Her hesitation. Not knowing what she wants to do with her life, her purpose. The self harm and depression. I connected with it so much. And the way her friend was there for her and motivated her. It motivated me. So thank you, to the game creators. You've helped me more than you know.

idk if this is just me but the fapping sounds like that one video of iggy azalea rapping live

The game was way too short for me and not very creepy in my opinion. Younger kids might like it.