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Thank you! :)

It does not need Wiimote. (but I recommend it!) It only needs a long stick for LEAP Motion Tool Tracking and fire button (default: Mouse click or Z key). I recommend White or opaque vivid color pen.

And, The appearance of the target stops on the way if you do not shoot down a target. A target continues appearing until the end of the music when you shoot down a target.

Please enjoy it!

I upload new file that applied SDK hotfix.

Please retry it!

Sorry, Dragon's movement is adjusted for riding on a JOBA now.


I recommend you sit down on balance ball and you bob.


Do you use the Extend mode? Then it may be a bug of Oculus SDK. Please try -force-d3d9 and -force-opengl.


hmm, Anything runs without a problem in my Windows 8.1 64bit environment. Rather x86 build of 2.2.0 did not run.

Because I was resident in Japan, and there was difference in time, it was impossible to go back up in x86.

I make x86 build later and send it by an email.


Really? I am very sorry.

I build this in 64bit, is your Windows 64bit?

Are Oculus Runtime 0.4.3 and LEAP 2.2.0 installed?

Please e-mail me output_log.txt if not yet recovered even if you try the above.